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Girdles, Laxatives, and Respite

Affirming the Hurt Adoptee's Reality

One to Five: A Continuum of Healing the Adoptee

Another Crazy Whopper!: Understanding and Dealing with Lying – Part One

Another Crazy Whopper!: Understanding and Dealing with Lying – Part Two

Affection is Wonderful: Will the Behaviors Ever Stop?

Typical Children: Afloat on a Sea of Grief

I’d Like to Trust You, But Can I?

Why Won’t You Believe Me?: Splitting in the Adoptive Home

Speech and Language Development in Adoptees

Let’s Make a Deal: Bargaining as an Expression of Grief

Teen Sexuality within a History of Sexual Abuse

Time, Energy and Priorities: Homework or Monopoly?

“Yes” There are Positives for the Typical Kids!

Adoption + Mental Health Issues = Invisible – Parts One, Two and Three

The Brain on Trauma

“Stinky Business”: Pee and Poop Issues in Adoptive Families

Part One

Part Two

Maybe When I’m 25 I’ll be Grateful!

Consequences vs. Reactions: Parent “Deerly”

Getting Full on Parents, Instead of Food

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: What to Pick?

“You are the Mom”: Helping Your Child Join the Family

Take a Time Out From Time Out: Connecting with Your Adopted Son or Daughter

Progress and Dieting: The Two Have Much in Common

“Sorry”: Building Your Adoptee’s Moral Development

“Am I the ‘Right’ Mom for This Child”

Part One

Part Two

50 Wonderful Songs About Love, Family and Adoption

Throw Away the Stickers: A Perspective on Reward Systems








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